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CAC : 21. Terrier Spezialausstellung        07.07.2013 

Organizer : OG Dorsten `90

Event Venue : Dorsten-Hervest 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Ms. Agnieszka Nowak-Patyniak, (PL) Polen 



Veteran class

3 VetCAC VetVDH O'Glendence Lovely Lancelot *27.12.2004

Sire: Othello Vom Büttgeshof

Dam: Cascaja Alida Von Steinberg

Veteran class

Exc.1 VetCAC VetVDH Maverick's Showgirl *23.12.2002

Sire: Maverick's Pulp Fiction

Dam: Maverick's Knight Moves

Own.: Daniela Humble

Puppy class

Puppy class

VP1 The Dashing Devil's To Hot To Handle *25.12.2012

Sire: Surprise Westie Firecracker

Dam: The Dashing Devil's Tinkerbell

Bre.a.Own.: Shirly & Karin van de Veen

Junior class


Exc.1 JCAC JVDH The Dashing Devil's Busybody *23.04.2012

Sire: Alborada Lucho

Dam: The Dashing Devil's Sugar Babe

Bre.a.Own.: Shirly & Karin van de Veen

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH X-Tra Fly By Knight Of White Castle *07.08.2012

Sire: Hopeful F'sunshine Of White Castle

Dam: Queeny Weeny Of White Castle

Junior class

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH I'm The Right One Of White Destiny *28.04.2012

Sire: Karamynd Guns With Roses

Dam: Always Remember Me Of White Destiny

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Power Polly Vom Mondrian Vom Dickhaus-Hof *01.03.2012

Sire: Magic Mondriaan Vom Märchengarten

Dam: Power Lovly-Funny Vom Dickhaus-Hof

Exc.3 Eve Von Der Loh *15.02.2012

Sire: Vincent Vom Paradise Of Wind

Dam: Akira- Alpha Of Rainbow Palace

Exc.4 White Perlfekt's My Fair Lady *14.07.2012

Sire: White Headline's Ultimate Winner

Dam: White Headline's Weather Girl

Exc. Ghana Of White Shadow *17.08.2012

Sire: Krisma Spitnpolish

Dam: Yentel Of White Shadow

Intermediate class

Exc.1 RCAC RVDH Armadale's Infinity Tyson *23.02.2012

Sire: Be My First Superbia

Dam: Armadale's Leading The Game

Intermediate class

Exc.1 CAC VDH From Dash Mountain Farm's Cover Girl *21.11.2011

Sire: From Dash Mountain Farm's Flitzer

Dam: From Dash Mountain Farm's Bojangle

Exc.2 O'Glendence Magic Meryl *01.09.2011

Sire: Magic Moments With Emmett Vom Märchengarten

Dam: O'Glendence Especially For You

Champion class

Champion class

Exc.1 RCAC RVDH Magic Milk & Honey Of White Castle *09.07.2009

Sire: Zebulon Vom Thummelsbach

Dam: True Magic Sunshine Of White Castle

Open class

Exc.1 CAC VDH Ashgate Dash Mountain *27.06.2009

Sire: Ashgate Us Patriot

Dam: Ashgate Maybole

Exc.2 RVDH Major Tom Of Rainbow Palace *16.01.2010

Sire: Bellevue Careless Spirit

Dam: Aidadiva Westi's Vom Friesenhus

Own.: Angelika & Gerd Sparding & J. F.
Bre.: Angelika & Gerd Sparding

Open class

Exc.1 RVDH Armadale's I'm Your Lady *01.02.2011

Sire: Karamynd Play The Game

Dam: Armadale's Leading Lady

Exc.2 Keen Expression Enjoy My Heart *02.04.2010

Sire: Who's Montecillo

Dam: Keen Expression Biscaya

Bre.a.Own.: Astrid Herde

Exc.3 O'Glendence Especially For You *09.03.2007

Sire: O'Glendence Lovely Lancelot

Dam: Magic Moments Of Joy Vom Märchengarten

Exc.4 Cool Running's Golden Spring *17.02.2010

Sire: The Dashing Devil's Lucky Strike

Dam: Cool Running's Blue Mountain

Bre.a.Own.: Daniela Humble

Exc. Cleopatra Von Der Loh *30.03.2011

Sire: Baldwin Zu Den Tatzen Von Morgentau

Dam: U Are A Kiss Blataj

Exc. White Headline's Weather Girl *05.04.2009

Sire: License Of Surprise

Dam: White Headline's My Vision

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