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CAC : Nationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung        11.12.2010 

Organizer : VDH Landesverband Hessen

Event Venue : Kassel 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Ms. Gertrud Hagström, ...... 



Veteran class

Veteran class

Puppy class

Puppy class

P1 White Diamond O'la La Flashdance *23.04.2010

Sire: Bellevue Snap Happy To Ashgate

Dam: White Diamond O'La La Tejbepapi

P2 Debbie Klatovska Perla *04.06.2010

Sire: Anthony Happy Naux

Dam: Jackie Of White Avalanche

Junior class

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Royal Macho Vom Deipen Brook *16.01.2010

Sire: Tweed Thinking Cap

Dam: Royal Diva Vom Deipen Brook

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Boni Vom Plater Land *01.07.2009

Sire: Vuiton Of Bornie's Best

Dam: Emma V.d. Friedens Eiche

Exc.3 Bet On Lilly's White Angels *28.08.2009

Sire: White Diamond O'La La The One N Only

Dam: White Diamond O'La La Liberty Belle

Exc.4 Keen Expression Dragon Knight *23.09.2009

Sire: Who's Montecillo

Dam: Keen Expression Zarah

Bre.: Astrid Herde

VG Ever For Ever Lady World *27.11.2009

Sire: Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

Dam: Alita Awelp

VG Guliwer Happy Naux *23.09.2009

Sire: Elton Happy Naux

Dam: Jessica Happy Naux

Junior class

VG1 Keen Expression Dakota Sunrise *23.09.2009

Sire: Who's Montecillo

Dam: Keen Expression Zarah

Bre.a.Own.: Astrid Herde

VG2 White Diamond O'La La Hummel *13.06.2011

Sire: White Diamond O'La La Dragon Fly

Dam: White Diamond O'La La Primula

VG3 Quicksilver's Tessa *27.08.2009

Sire: Joker Rascal Von Steinberg

Dam: Danger Mouse Vom Schloß Schwülper

G4 Iss Dheelis Narnea *29.01.2010

Sire: Sovereign Santos Sundown Mcguire

Dam: Iss Dheelis Lasairiona

Intermediate class

Exc.1 VDH Potter Of Stonegarth *26.03.2009

Sire: Balmoral's Brooklet Button Down

Dam: Ashgate Auchindoir

Intermediate class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Iss Dheelis Maureen *14.12.2008

Sire: Joker Rascal Von Steinberg

Dam: Iss Dheelis Lasairiona

Own.: Daniela Streibl

VG2 Happy Times Coccinelle *15.04.2009

Sire: S. Master Scot Of Gloryland

Dam: Happy Times Ann-Lillian

VG3 Bikehunter Cecily *06.09.2009

Sire: Bikehunter Arthur

Dam: Rozamie Dancing On Ice

Champion class

Exc.1 CAC VDH Bubble Trouble Lady World

Sire: Ashgate Cornus

Dam: Alita Awelp

Champion class

Open class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Ikarus Des Rosiers *07.12.2006

Sire: Grand Diamond Von Der Trabrennbahn

Dam: Therese Des Rosiers

VG2 Krisma Slaphappy *30.06.2007

Sire: Hopecharm Willie Makeit For Karamynd

Dam: Krisma Trouble In Mind

Open class


Exc.1 CAC VDH Circle Of Life Vom Deipen Brook *03.04.2009

Sire: Here I Am Vom Deipen Brook

Dam: Miss Lourdes Vom Deipen Brook

VG2 White Diamond O'La La Paeonia *12.05.2008

Sire: White Diamond The One N Only

Dam: White Diamond Tavaszi Szel

VG3 Jackie Of White Avalanche *02.03.2007

Sire: Noris Happy Naux

Dam: Leonhard's Special Dream

Bre.: Susanne Barta

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