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CAC : Terrier-Spezial-Ausstellung        01.05.2022 

Organizer : OG Mannheim-Ludwigshafen

Event Venue : Ludwigshafen, Teichgasse 33 / Hundesportverein 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Mr. Torsten Himmrich, (D) Deutschland 

Spoonful Of Kisses Dolce Con Spirito

Championklasse -


Spoonful Of Kisses Dolce Con Spirito



Junior class

Title of day : Bester Junghund

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Sovereign Santos Sunshine By My Side *26.07.2021

Sire: Keen Expression Connor McLeod

Dam: Sovereign Santos She's The One

Bre.: Daniela Streibl

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Bogarhazi Veto *05.02.2021

Sire: White Villan Ace Of Hearts

Dam: Bogarhazi Keep Walking

Exc.3 Over The Top Tuff Buddies From Ashhill *01.08.2021

Sire: White Diamond O'La La Sirocco

Dam: One And Only Tuff Buddies From Ashhill

Junior class

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Smash Super Girl *20.07.2021

Sire: Smash Divine Destiny

Dam: Smash Super Trash

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Princess Phiby Louise Of Anne's Gang *24.03.2021

Sire: White Bandits' I'm A Rising Star

Dam: Lady Rheanne Star Of Anne's Gang

Intermediate class

Exc.1 VDH Sovereign Santos September Sky *30.09.2020

Sire: Sovereign Santos Special Marlow

Dam: Sovereign Santos Amber From Shepherdhill

Bre.a.Own.: Daniela Streibl

Intermediate class


Exc.1 CAC VDH Dalmor Lychee *24.12.2020

Sire: Happy Hero Of Nightingale

Dam: Dalmor Roxane

Exc.2 RVDH Magic Merry And Bright Vom Märchengarten *09.11.2020

Sire: Mechta Nataly Tally-Ho

Dam: Magic Merry Merida Vom Märchengarten

VG3 Enchant Eve Von Sir Malcolms Erben *20.01.2011

Sire: Starring Vladimir

Dam: Almost An Angel Von Sir Malcolms Erben

Champion class


Exc.1 CAC VDH Spoonful Of Kisses Dolce Con Spirito *30.07.2019

Sire: Marc Antoine De La Fonema

Dam: Pixel's Senza Pari Dolce Con Spirito

Own.: Jörg Schwarz & Gabi & Jessica Maul

Exc.2 RCAC RVDH Dalmor Billie Jean *31.08.2018

Sire: Happy Hero Of Nightingale

Dam: Dalmor Roxane

Champion class

Open class

Open class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Sovereign Santos She's A Secret *03.03.2019

Sire: Sovereign Santos Sean Connery

Dam: Sovereign Santos Summer Pearl

Bre.a.Own.: Daniela Streibl

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