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Charosmack Clog Dancer     Male    * 06.04.1998

Pedigree NR: KCSB 3103CJ

Llasara All Rite At Charosmack
NHSB 2105112 (KCSB 2768CI)
Beach Boy At O'shelly Bay
NHSB 1999192 (AKC RM118456/01)
Shelly Bay Little HerculesHolyrood's Here Comes The Son
RN24081802 (AKC RB284601)
Glenfinnan's Something Dandy
Holyrood's Liza With A Z
Holyrood Ha'penny At O'shelly Bay
Glenfinnan's Something Dandy
Holyrood's Mrs Mayhem
Bearland Popsicle ToesHolyrood's Hotspur O'Shelly Bay
*28.01.1990 RB364532
Holyrood's Here Comes The Son
Holyrood's Mrs Mayhem
Bearland One Two Two AbbeyGlengloamin's Cadence
Bearland's Wee Bonnie Brae
Llasara Lady-In-Waiting
NHSB 1976547
Smash Happy Hitch-Hiker
VDH/KFT 24/0018090
Birkfell Snow Warning
*20.11.1990 SKK S42425/91
Birkfell Strolling Player
Birkfell Spindrift
Smash Honey Pie
*15.10.1990 SKK S69048/90
Lasara Looks-A-Smash
Smash Hole In One
Llasara Lady-In-White
*16.12.1990 NHSB 1741174
White Top Juanito
VDH/KFT 24/0007052
Highstile Paladin
Hunting Stewart Anna
Llasara Ayla
*19.03.1989 NHSB 1652996
Smash I'm Sparkling
Lasara Lovers Dream
Olton Aye Clear Day At Charosmack
*11.07.1996 KCR W4319101W04
Jaeva Aye-Gent At Olton
*13.08.1986 KCSB 0356BX
Haweswalton Aye Buster At Olton
Arnholme Aye One At Olton
Olac Moondrift
Arnholme Aitutaki
Haweswalton Call Me Madam
Domaroy Saracen
Haweswalton Gay Spark
Jaeva Lucky Dice
Haweswalton Sportsman
*14.01.1982 KCSB 0622BS
Haweswalton Mr Volvo
Whitebriar Jeanette
Jaeva Rubic Cube
Haweswalton Houdini
New Addition Of Jaeva
Olton Aye Lady D'aye
*08.12.1993 KCR U0823501U01
Birkfell Strolling Player
*28.05.1989 KCSB 332CA
Birkfell Student Prince
*13.03.1980 KCSB 0886BR
Erisort Special Request
Birkfell Snowbird
Birkfell Strange Music
*09.07.1982 KCSB 4306BT
Trethmore Tartan Piper
Birkfell Scarlet Ribbons
Olton Aye Cee Dee Cee
Pepabby Poacher
*12.07.1983 KCSB 273BU
Highstile Paladin
Highstile Prose
Olton Aye Bee Cee
Jaeva Aye-Gent At Olton
Arnholme Annetta At Olton
Inbreeding too Birkfell Strolling Player mit 0.78 %
Inbreeding too Highstile Paladin mit 0.2 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0.98 %

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