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Hopecharm Prince Harry     Male    * 07.01.2011

IK: 5.89504 %
AVK: 34.54 %
Generationen: 9

Lamsmore Fitzwritin
*29.03.2007 KCSB 4450CT
Krisma Streetwise
*20.01.1998 KCSB 1404CJ
Wesscots One Knight Stand
*05.08.1994 KCSB 3322CF
Wesscots Knight Ayr
*20.04.1993 KCR T3580901T03
Wesscots Knight F'dancin
VDH/KFT 24-0019028
Wesscots Liberty
*05.09.1988 KCR N6179302N04
Wesscots Honeymoon
*19.03.1992 KCR S1454004S02
Wesscots Knight F'lovin
*05.08.1990 KCR Q4392703Q03
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
*28.09.1988 KCR N6565903P01
Krisma Keynote At Olac
Olac Moon Pilot
*16.03.1986 KCSB 373BW
Olac Moonmaverick
*30.08.1984 KCSB 1920BV
Olac Wintermoon
KCR F1326603F10
Lasara Hell Of A Girl
*19.03.1988 KCSB 0829BY
Lasara Love-All
*08.09.1984 KCSB 833BV
Lasara 'l For Leather
*17.09.1985 KCSB 2326BW
Lamsmore Miss Brodie
*30.08.2001 KCSB0159CN
Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate
RN6254401 (KCSB 993CL)
Wikeland Connor
TR65590 (KCSB 703CD)
Trewen Discovery
ZZ8401450 (KCSB 4441BZ)
Ashgate Torsa
*28.12.1987 ZZ8401480
Ashgate Sonsie
*06.09.1996 KCSB 3790CH
Bellevue Special Attraction Of Ashgate
*24.09.1994 MET 1795/H/96
Ashgate Skerry
*31.08.1990 KCSB 1870CB
Beinn Mh'or Of Lamsmore
*04.04.1998 KCSB 1628CK
Ashgate Sinclair
*31.08.1990 KCSB 4628CA
Ashgate Lenzie
VDH/KFT 24/0017777
Ashgate Sallachy
LOE 45400 (KCSB 793BX)
Les Ma Hagow
Ashgate Hielan Laddie
*25.11.1990 KCSB 1243CB
Bonny Kelly
Vogrie Lizzie Bryce By Hopecharm
JR 73009 (KCSB 3051CS)
Hopecharm Inn Deego
*29.05.2004 KCR AE04855301 CMO-0
Ashgate Ivanhoe
*26.02.1995 KCSB 2002CG
Rishtte Conrad By Ashgate
*19.01.1991 MET.Whwt.977/95
Ashgate Connel
LOE 448201 (KCSB 2846BY)
Furzeleigh White Lady At Rishtte
*08.12.1988 KCR P1873805P01
Ashgate Skirza
*11.02.1992 KCSB 0284CE
Ashgate Sinclair
*31.08.1990 KCSB 4628CA
Ashgate Therwasalass
*25.11.1990 KCR R0628604R01
Hopecharm Karamynd Ona Journey
*05.02.2003 KCR AD02211204
Hopecharm Willie Makeit For Karamynd
*12.02.2000 KCSB 0380CL
Rotella The Fezzant Plucka
*15.03.1992 KCSB 0383CE
Rotella Lovyootoo Hopecharm
*23.10.1998 KCR Z1098402Z02
Hopecharm Full Of Deelite At Karamynd
*24.07.2000 KCSB 3424CM
Ashgate Sinclair
*31.08.1990 KCSB 4628CA
Hopecharm Full Of Promise
*17.11.1995 KCR W193601W01
Whynncraege Whisper At Vogrie
*22.02.2004 KCR AE01541101
Whynncraege Navajo
*25.07.1996 KCSB 1670CJ
Haweswalton Apache
*16.07.1993 KCSB 0795CE
Haweswalton Tomahawk
*11.08.1989 KCSB 0384BZ
Haweswalton Merry-Go-Round
Whynncraege Sea Urchin
Haweswalton Houdini
*04.03.1980 KCSB 1461BQ
Haweswalton Sea Pearl
Hopecharm Promise Kept
*24.07.2000 KCSB 1799CN
Ashgate Sinclair
*31.08.1990 KCSB 4628CA
Ashgate Lenzie
VDH/KFT 24/0017777
Ashgate Sallachy
LOE 45400 (KCSB 793BX)
Hopecharm Full Of Promise
*17.11.1995 KCR W193601W01
Rishtte Snow Jest
Hopecharm Full Of Love

Inbreeding Coefficient

Inbreeding too Ashgate Sinclair mit 1.56125 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 1.56125 %

7 Visited exhibitions

CruftsBirmingham09.03.2019Veteran class1st1Reserve Dog Challange Certificate, Best Veteran A. Gordon
Crufts 2018Birmingham, England09.03.2018Veteran class2nd6 Tracy Gaydon
Internationale Rassehunde-AusstellungKassel Messe08.12.2013Champion classV2RVDH M. Möller-Sieber
Internationale Rassehunde-AusstellungKarlsruhe10.11.2013Champion classDisq2 Christine Rossier
Nationale Rassehundeausstellung / Sonderausstellung des KFTKarlsruhe09.11.2013Champion classV1VDHRCAC Rainer Jacobs
Internationale Rassehunde-AusstellungDortmund, Westfalenhallen11.10.2013Champion classV2RVDHRCACRCACIB Yolanda Nagler Magall
Terrier AusstellungWestensee, Reitanlage14.04.2013Open classV1VDHCAC Birgit Seloy

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