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Domaroy Saracen     Male    * 24.01.1976

Pedigree NR: KCSB 0787BL

Tasman March Of Time
*21.09.1968 KCSB 2509BD
Highstile Prank
Sollershott Soloist
Bandsman Of Branston
Banker Of Branston
Banessa Of Branston
Citrus SilhouetteSollershott Sun-Up
Famecheck Cygnet
Wolvey Puffin
Wolvey Pipers TuneWolvey Pied Piper Of Clairedale
Wolvey Peach
Wolvey PeewitWolvey Pirate
Wolvey Paulina
Pillerton Pollyann
Pillerton Peterman
Slitrig Simon Of Lynwood
Famecheck Gay Buccaneer
Slitrig Sweet Suzette
Pillerton PickleCalluna The Poacher
Blainy Of Branston
Pillerton PolkaBandsman Of Branston
Banker Of Branston
Banessa Of Branston
Blainy Of BranstonNice Fella Of Wynsolot
Binty Of Branston
Domaroy Erisort Serenade
*22.11.1973 KCSB 2535BJ
Highstile Pirate
*29.01.1972 KCSB 3331BG
Birkfell Sea Squall
*20.11.1970 KCSB 611BF
Quakertown Quandary
Quakertown Quistador
Quakertown Queen
Birkfell Sea Fury
Eriegael Storm Warning
Birkfell Sea Shanty
Highstile Poppet
Quakertown Quistador
Alpin Of Kendrum
Quakertown Querida
Wolvey Puffin
Wolvey Pipers Tune
Wolvey Peewit
Erisort Domaroy DebutanteFamecheck Knight ErrantFamecheck Jolly Warrior
Famecheck Happy Knight
Famecheck Lucky Charm
Famecheck Rowena
Famecheck Romeo
Famecheck Gaiety Girl
Rhianfa Eliza For Common
Lymehills Birkfell South Pacific
Mac Nab of Balmaha
Birkfell Solace
Rhianfa Lady Constance Of EstcossEstcoss Beaucaire Of Greenlodge
Rhianfa Up And Coming Of Estcoss

Inbreeding Coefficient

Inbreeding too Wolvey Puffin mit 1.5625 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 1.5625 %

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