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Patty Star Franke     Female    * 06.02.1996

Pedigree NR: CLP 1629/97

Rishtte Conrad By Ashgate
*19.01.1991 MET.Whwt.977/95
Ashgate Connel
LOE 448201 (KCSB 2846BY)
Ashgate Kirkcowan Of Poolmist
*09.08.1982 KCSB 4521BT
Erisort Senator Of Ashgate
*30.09.1977 KCSB 1527BQ
Birkfell Sea Squall
Erisort Speculation
Ashgate Ailsa Craig
*10.12.1977 KCSB 2684BR
Ashgate Claymore
Tasman Elation Of Ashgate
Ashgate Sallachy
LOE 45400 (KCSB 793BX)
Ashgate Achnasheen
*17.12.1983 KCSB 2565BU
Ashgate Auchenleck
Haweswalton Gemma Of Ashgate
Ashgate Skara
*04.09.1983 KCSB 2520BU
Ashgate Kirkcowan Of Poolmist
Ashgate St Kilda
Furzeleigh White Lady At Rishtte
*08.12.1988 KCR P1873805P01
Ashgate Leckie
*12.05.1986 KCSB 4610BW
Ashgate Achnasheen
*17.12.1983 KCSB 2565BU
Ashgate Auchenleck
Haweswalton Gemma Of Ashgate
Ashgate Sheigra
LOE 401318 (KCSB 4939BV)
Ashgate Culnacraig
Ashgate Skara
Snow White Little Dreamer Of Furzeleigh
KCR J5589801K02
Angus Of Furzeleigh
*19.04.1982 KCSB 5194BS
Furzeleigh Drum Major
Whitebriar Janettya
Kenvalcrest Highland Mist Of Baycross
*20.02.1983 KCR H2566501H08
Famecheck Extra Special
Kenvalcrest Little Miss Kiltie
Duchess Zo Stareho Skotska
*12.03.1993 CLP 808/95
Safir Whirlwind
*09.12.1986 CLP/WHW/173/89
Arko Bodmin
*19.05.1980 CSLP/70/84
Ires Amigo
*27.08.1975 CLP 59/79
Brian Strathairlie
Columbine Whirlwind
Trixie Of Aberystwyth
*16.07.1977 CLP 65/80
Mackwith Mc Gregor
Princess Arnant
Checkbar Maggie Lauder
*18.07.1980 CLP 71/81
Maurolines AmforraMaurolines Rob Roy
Maurolines Marie
That Life At CheckbarTervin Peregrine At Checkbar
Paddymylo Merry Go Round
Myra Z Kuliaru
Peppermint O'donoghue
*11.09.1987 CLP 199/90
Peppermint Drum Major
VDH/KFT 24/0006168 (LOE 311296)
Lasara Lord Jim
Danskots Helena
Peppermint Miss Marple
VDH/KFT 24/0003961
Tasman Fruition
Eilionorr Lady Of Low Rill
Vandulka Whirlwind
CLP/WHW/220/90 (MET 220/90)
Pierot Whirlwind
*06.10.1984 CLP 125/86
Ires Amigo
Checkbar Maggie Lauder
Queen Victoria Whirlwind
*02.05.1985 CLP 138/87
Arko Bodmin
Nessie Whirlwind
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0 %

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