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Ni Vue Ni Connue Du Moulin De Mac Gregor     Female    * 17.01.1997

Pedigree NR: LOF025084/05566

Caithness Prototype
*21.06.1993 NHSB 1895536
Souwick's Brett
NHSB 1740635
Caithness Pomeroy
*16.04.1988 NHSB 1596050
Caithness Pot Shot Peter Pan
*04.10.1978 NHSB 1027348
Poolmist Pimento
Phlurry Of Highstile
Caithness Phantasy
*18.06.1981 NHSB 1167873
Poolmist Pimento
Caithness Clan Coquette
Souwick's Totebelle
NHSB 1515186
Morenish Angus
NHSB 1049241
Erisort Special Request
Morenish Fanny Macdougal
Souwick's Belle Belle
NHSB 1045335
Brett Of Branston
Ulleke Van Renatah Leo Sixty Six
Caithness Puzzle
*29.04.1990 NHSB 1685209
Caithness Performer
*18.06.1981 NHSB 1167871
Poolmist Pimento
*17.05.1977 KCR B355236C1
Ashgate Kosbie
Ashgate Lochalyne Of Poolmist
Caithness Clan Coquette
*13.08.1977 NHSB 976122
Highstile Pirate
Phlurry Of Highstile
Caithness Phidelity
NHSB 1338272
Poolmist Pimento
*17.05.1977 KCR B355236C1
Ashgate Kosbie
Ashgate Lochalyne Of Poolmist
Caithness Clan Caressive
*13.08.1977 NHSB 976121
Highstile Pirate
Phlurry Of Highstile
Jubbly Bubbly Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
*28.11.1994 LOF018511/04318
Wesscots Gladiator
*13.01.1990 LOF007895/01096
Ashgate Lenzie
VDH/KFT 24/0017777
Ashgate Leckie
*12.05.1986 KCSB 4610BW
Ashgate Achnasheen
Ashgate Sheigra
Ashgate Donna
*09.08.1982 KCSB 3994BU
Erisort Senator Of Ashgate
Ashgate Ailsa Craig
Wesscots Liberty
*05.09.1988 KCR N6179302N04
Clan Crinan
*09.09.1983 KCSB 4305BT
Morenish Just William
Crinan Celtic Ayre
Mulroy Magic Moment At Wesscots
*25.03.1986 KCR L2675204L02
Haweswalton Mr Volvo
Sarmac Silver Maid
Holycross Bo Peep
LOF 8335 (KCR Q2116303Q02)
Olac Moon Pilot
*16.03.1986 KCSB 373BW
Olac Moonmaverick
*30.08.1984 KCSB 1920BV
Arnholme Aces High
Halfmoon Of Olac
Olac Wintermoon
KCR F1326603F10
Famecheck Speciality
Suzanne So Sweet
Holycross Petticoat Pol
Jaimont Of Whitebriar
*26.03.1979 KCSB 2680BQ
Domaroy Saraband Of Whitebriar
Whitebriar Jayla
Truffles Of Holycross
Patajohn Playboy
Minerva Of Kenwunn
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0 %

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