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Ashgate Kirkcowan Of Poolmist     Male    * 09.08.1982

Pedigree NR: KCSB 4521BT

Erisort Senator Of Ashgate
*30.09.1977 KCSB 1527BQ
Birkfell Sea Squall
*20.11.1970 KCSB 611BF
Quakertown Quandary
Quakertown Quistador
Alpin Of Kendrum
Quakertown Querida
Quakertown QueenQuakertown Quarrelsome
Quakertown Quickstep
Birkfell Sea Fury
Eriegael Storm WarningEriegael Mercedes
Eriegael Storm Child
Birkfell Sea Shanty
Famecheck Jolly Roger
Birkfell Scottische
Erisort Speculation
KCR 068753/74
Dianthus Buttons
Alpin Of Kendrum
Quakertown Quizzical
Pixie Of Kendrum
Starcyl SiouxOldfold Birthday Boy Of Marank
Kelda Silver Sequin
Erisort Domaroy DebutanteFamecheck Knight ErrantFamecheck Jolly Warrior
Famecheck Rowena
Rhianfa Eliza For Common
Lymehills Birkfell South Pacific
Rhianfa Lady Constance Of Estcoss
Ashgate Ailsa Craig
*10.12.1977 KCSB 2684BR
Ashgate Claymore
*23.07.1977 KCSB 1208BN
Ashgate Lairg
*07.08.1975 KCSB 1675BL
Ashgate StirlingFinearte Dove's Pride
Shira Of Ashgate
Ashgate Lingay
*08.04.1974 KCSB 3672BK
Tervin Pacey Of Ashgate
Melinda Of Millburn
Ashgate ClolaOlac Moonraker
*03.04.1973 KCSB 0864BT
Pillerton Perry
Miranda Moon Of Olac
Cove Of AshgateCheckbar Donsie Kythe
Keithall Tessa
Tasman Elation Of Ashgate
*04.08.1973 KCSB 3401BI
Tasman March Of Time
*21.09.1968 KCSB 2509BD
Highstile Prank
Sollershott Soloist
Wolvey Puffin
Pillerton Pollyann
Pillerton Peterman
Pillerton Polka
Tasman Adoration
*08.08.1970 KCSB 1890BF
Tasman Temptation
Highstile Prank
Pillerton Pollyann
Tasman BeauUgadale Aristocrat
Wolvey Prelude
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0 %

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