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Ashgate Fin Me Oot     Male    * 19.12.1986

Pedigree NR: LOE 394648 (KCSB 4318BW)

Angus Of Furzeleigh
*19.04.1982 KCSB 5194BS
Furzeleigh Drum Major
Glenalwyne Sonny Boy
Cedarfell Merry-N-Bright
*14.02.1970 KCSB2200BF
Cedarfell Man-O-Minx
Cedarfell Minuet
Clynebury Silver KiltClynebury Silver Flake
Rhianfa Restoration
Ashgate Hightae
Tervin Pacey Of Ashgate
Morenish Geordie
Tervin Patsy
Alpinegay OvertureAlpinegay Zingaro
Alpinegay Canzonet
Whitebriar JanettyaDomaroy Saraband Of Whitebriar
*24.01.1976 KCSB 3048BL
Tasman March Of Time
*21.09.1968 KCSB 2509BD
Highstile Prank
Pillerton Pollyann
Domaroy Erisort Serenade
*22.11.1973 KCSB 2535BJ
Highstile Pirate
Erisort Domaroy Debutante
Whitebriar JastmaWhitebriar Jimmick
*20.10.1972 KCSB 1474BI
Whitebriar Jonfair
Whitebriar Jesca
Whitebriar JonquilFurzeleigh Morning Prince
Whitebriar Jincarla
Ashgate Skara
*04.09.1983 KCSB 2520BU
Ashgate Kirkcowan Of Poolmist
*09.08.1982 KCSB 4521BT
Erisort Senator Of Ashgate
*30.09.1977 KCSB 1527BQ
Birkfell Sea Squall
*20.11.1970 KCSB 611BF
Quakertown Quandary
Birkfell Sea Fury
Erisort Speculation
KCR 068753/74
Dianthus Buttons
Erisort Domaroy Debutante
Ashgate Ailsa Craig
*10.12.1977 KCSB 2684BR
Ashgate Claymore
*23.07.1977 KCSB 1208BN
Ashgate Lairg
Ashgate Clola
Tasman Elation Of Ashgate
*04.08.1973 KCSB 3401BI
Tasman March Of Time
Tasman Adoration
Ashgate St Kilda
*29.05.1982 KCR G3098302G09
Ashgate Whaslikus
*27.09.1980 KCR E7546101F01
Famecheck Extra Special
*17.12.1976 KCSB 2790BM
Famecheck Royal Binge
Famecheck Special Order
Ashgate Errogie Of Suebeck
Ashgate Lairg
Tasman Elation Of Ashgate
Ashgate Glamis
*22.02.1977 KCSB 2944BP
Domaroy Saracen
*24.01.1976 KCSB 0787BL
Tasman March Of Time
Domaroy Erisort Serenade
Ashgate CromartyRamsay Of Ashgate
Melinda Of Millburn
Inbreeding too Tasman March Of Time mit 0.78 %
Inbreeding too Domaroy Erisort Serenade mit 0.39 %
Inbreeding too Erisort Domaroy Debutante mit 0.2 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 1.37 %

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