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Ashgate Culnacraig     Male    * 21.11.1981

Pedigree NR: KCSB 1977BS

Ashgate Claymore
*23.07.1977 KCSB 1208BN
Ashgate Lairg
*07.08.1975 KCSB 1675BL
Ashgate StirlingFinearte Dove's Pride
Waideshouse Waterboy
Cedarfell Messenger Dove
Shira Of AshgateFamecheck Sylvan
Famecheck Pert
Ashgate Lingay
*08.04.1974 KCSB 3672BK
Tervin Pacey Of Ashgate
Morenish Geordie
Tervin Patsy
Melinda Of MillburnMillburn Monitor
Misty Of Longvale
Ashgate ClolaOlac Moonraker
*03.04.1973 KCSB 0864BT
Pillerton Perry
KCR 129788/67
Sollershott Soloist
Pillerton Peta
Miranda Moon Of Olac
KCR 158796/71
Tasman March Of Time
*21.09.1968 KCSB 2509BD
Subo Alpine Snow
Cove Of AshgateCheckbar Donsie Kythe
*23.11.1967 KCSB 0190BD
Parkendcot Bobby Dazzler
Checkbar Remony Rye
Keithall TessaQuakertown Quistador
Keithall Glamour Girl
Ashgate Kylesmorar
KCR D3515301G07
Lochiel Of AshgateAshgate Lochinvar
Quakertown QuintarBirkfell Sea Squall
*20.11.1970 KCSB 611BF
Quakertown Quisquilla
Tervin Penny Of BinateGlentromie Peter
Lupin Of Loughore
Whitebriar Joskitty
Whitebriar Jonfair
Whitebriar Johncock
Whitebriar Jeenay
Whitebriar Jesca
Whitebriar Johncock
Whitebriar Jabeenie
Ashgate VrackieAshgate Stewart
*07.10.1974 KCSB 1919BK
Tervin Pacey Of Ashgate
Morenish Geordie
Tervin Patsy
Ballacoar Simona
Cedarfell Man-O-Minx
*07.08.1967 KCSB 834BA
Blackpoynt Blythe Spirit
Lochbuie Of AshgateAshgate Lochinvar
Quakertown Quintar
Tervin Penny Of Binate
Ashgate EriskayNigg Of Ashgate
Janmall Kingsmere Snow Queen

Inbreeding Coefficient

Inbreeding too Tervin Pacey Of Ashgate mit 0.78125 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0.78125 %

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