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Bellevue Sweet Charity     Female    * 23.06.1996

Pedigree NR: KCR W3781702W03

Sealaw Run On Batteries
*05.02.1995 KCR V2857201V03
Famecheck Mountain Guide
*22.01.1991 KCSB 4052CE
Famecheck Paramount
*13.01.1990 KCR Q2869101Q03
Famecheck Paratrooper
*31.10.1987 KCSB 4621BX
Famecheck Clever Dick
Famecheck Joyous
Famecheck Right You Are
*20.07.1986 KCSB 1201BY
Famecheck Full Rights
Famecheck Radiostar
Famecheck Full Of Hope
*24.07.1982 KCSB 1115BT
Famecheck Doubly Special
*02.11.1979 KCSB 1691BS
Famecheck Silver Jubilee
Famecheck Specialist
Famecheck Full O'beans
*25.12.1978 KCSB 2436BQ
Famecheck Extra Special
Famecheck Royal Beano
Sealaw Battery Not Included
*14.09.1993 KCR T5416201T04
Brenneil Tom Pepper
Haweswalton Tomahawk
*11.08.1989 KCSB 0384BZ
Haweswalton Houdini
Sportsnews At Haweswalton
Pepperpot Of Famecheck
Famecheck Clever Stick
Pepabby Performer
Rosica Erra Dale By Ashgate
Rishtte Conrad By Ashgate
*19.01.1991 MET.Whwt.977/95
Ashgate Connel
Furzeleigh White Lady At Rishtte
Zinos Morag
Ashgate Lenzie
Estcoss Roberta
Bellevue Duchess
Ashgate Bern Era
*23.10.1992 KCSB 3241CD
Ashgate Sinclair
*31.08.1990 KCSB 4628CA
Ashgate Lenzie
VDH/KFT 24/0017777
Ashgate Leckie
Ashgate Donna
Ashgate Sallachy
LOE 45400 (KCSB 793BX)
Ashgate Achnasheen
Ashgate Skara
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
*28.09.1988 KCR N6565903P01
Olac Moon Pilot
*16.03.1986 KCSB 373BW
Olac Moonmaverick
Olac Wintermoon
Ashgate Sheigra
LOE 401318 (KCSB 4939BV)
Ashgate Culnacraig
Ashgate Skara
Taleeca Fatal Attraction
Mac Hars Of Bellevue
*19.05.1989 KCSB 4070CA
Ashgate Fin Me Oot
LOE 394648 (KCSB 4318BW)
Angus Of Furzeleigh
Ashgate Skara
Colpatin Maggie
*20.07.1986 KCR L5904801L04
Lasara Lauder Of Ashgate
Ashgate Tanna
Tollbridge Hannah
Ashgate Connel
LOE 448201 (KCSB 2846BY)
Ashgate Kirkcowan Of Poolmist
Ashgate Sallachy
Tollbridge Lady
Ashgate Leckie
Bellevue Princess
Inbreeding too Ashgate Lenzie mit 0.39 %
Inbreeding too Ashgate Connel mit 0.39 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0.78 %

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