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Ashgate Sheigra     Female    * 03.01.1985

Pedigree NR: LOE 401318 (KCSB 4939BV)

Ashgate Culnacraig
*21.11.1981 KCSB 1977BS
Ashgate Claymore
*23.07.1977 KCSB 1208BN
Ashgate Lairg
*07.08.1975 KCSB 1675BL
Ashgate StirlingFinearte Dove's Pride
Shira Of Ashgate
Ashgate Lingay
*08.04.1974 KCSB 3672BK
Tervin Pacey Of Ashgate
Melinda Of Millburn
Ashgate ClolaOlac Moonraker
*03.04.1973 KCSB 0864BT
Pillerton Perry
Miranda Moon Of Olac
Cove Of AshgateCheckbar Donsie Kythe
Keithall Tessa
Ashgate Kylesmorar
KCR D3515301G07
Lochiel Of AshgateAshgate Lochinvar
Quakertown Quintar
Tervin Penny Of Binate
Whitebriar Joskitty
Whitebriar Jonfair
Whitebriar Jesca
Ashgate VrackieAshgate Stewart
*07.10.1974 KCSB 1919BK
Tervin Pacey Of Ashgate
Ballacoar Simona
Lochbuie Of AshgateAshgate Lochinvar
Ashgate Eriskay
Ashgate Skara
*04.09.1983 KCSB 2520BU
Ashgate Kirkcowan Of Poolmist
*09.08.1982 KCSB 4521BT
Erisort Senator Of Ashgate
*30.09.1977 KCSB 1527BQ
Birkfell Sea Squall
*20.11.1970 KCSB 611BF
Quakertown Quandary
Birkfell Sea Fury
Erisort Speculation
KCR 068753/74
Dianthus Buttons
Erisort Domaroy Debutante
Ashgate Ailsa Craig
*10.12.1977 KCSB 2684BR
Ashgate Claymore
*23.07.1977 KCSB 1208BN
Ashgate Lairg
Ashgate Clola
Tasman Elation Of Ashgate
*04.08.1973 KCSB 3401BI
Tasman March Of Time
Tasman Adoration
Ashgate St Kilda
*29.05.1982 KCR G3098302G09
Ashgate Whaslikus
*27.09.1980 KCR E7546101F01
Famecheck Extra Special
*17.12.1976 KCSB 2790BM
Famecheck Royal Binge
Famecheck Special Order
Ashgate Errogie Of Suebeck
Ashgate Lairg
Tasman Elation Of Ashgate
Ashgate Glamis
*22.02.1977 KCSB 2944BP
Domaroy Saracen
*24.01.1976 KCSB 0787BL
Tasman March Of Time
Domaroy Erisort Serenade
Ashgate CromartyRamsay Of Ashgate
Melinda Of Millburn
Inbreeding too Ashgate Claymore mit 3.13 %
Inbreeding too Ashgate Lairg mit 0.78 %
Inbreeding too Melinda Of Millburn mit 0.2 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 4.11 %

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