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Calico Vom Lausitzer Eck     Male    * 25.02.2016

Pedigree NR: VDH/KFT 24/0054100

Westicon Highland Hunter
PKR III-77195 (NO 034119/15)
Jazzing Dirty Harry
SE 13705/2011
Bazetts Gordon
*20.01.2009 SKK S17908/2009
Sidewater Barney Rubble
*08.08.2003 SKK S63630/2005
Hopecharm Rock It Man
Gilbri Dainty Lady
Burneze Go With The Flo
*15.05.2005 SKK S65362/2005
Royalcounty Streetwise Guy
Hopecharm Who'z That Girl At Burneze
Jazzing Dixie-Chick
*27.12.2006 SKK S16443/2007
Made To Mr Tyson
*27.10.1998 SKK S15250/99
Peppermint Claim To Fame
Made To Lady Athina
Jazzing Sahara Hot Nights
*23.09.2001 SKK S54806/2001
Kergillack Konsul By Ashgate
Jazzing Billie Holiday
Westicon Extra Etiquette
NO 45644/12
Brorastar Writin To Primos
*27.07.2010 SE 27429/2011
Lamsmore Fitzwritin
*29.03.2007 KCSB 4450CT
Krisma Streetwise
Lamsmore Miss Brodie
Ashgate Camellia
*10.10.2004 KCSB 4216CR
Ashgate Ivanhoe
Ashgate Arum Lily
Jazzing Zephyre
SKK S27639/2007
Spoilt Brat Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
*13.09.2001 SKK S59965/2002
Paul Hochons Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
O'ecarlate Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Jazzing A Perfect Mess
*06.03.2004 SKK S28477/2004
Barwest Bee-Having
Jazzing Sahara Hot Nights
Miss Mylie-Sue Vom Lausitzer Eck
VDH/KFT 24/0052784
Lenny Von Den Blauen Bergen
VDH/KFT 24/0045024
Vallange Sailor Jack
VDH/KFT 24/0036666
Vallange Conquistador
*12.03.1993 KCSB 4113CE
Furzeleigh Celtic Lad
Vallange Sol-Y-Sombra
Vallange Starlet
*04.06.1994 KCSB 1907CF
Ashgate Sinclair
Ashgate Bleaval Of Fernforest
Fancy Von Den Blauen Bergen
VDH/KFT 24/0041258
Charosmack Clog Dancer
*06.04.1998 KCSB 3103CJ
Llasara All Rite At Charosmack
Olton Aye Clear Day At Charosmack
Natalie Von Den Blauen Bergen
VDH/KFT 24/0030332
Bathgate St John At Ashgate
Ernestine Von Den Blauen Bergen
Miss Mazy Vom Lausitzer Eck
VDH/KFT 24/0050068
Starring Vladimir
*17.06.2007 FIN 48777/07
Brait Nouz Yukatan
FIN56489/8 (RKF 1637549)
Markstown Mr Havasu
Brait Nouz Tomorrow Ticket
Starring Goody Two Shoes
*08.06.2002 FIN 42441/02
Krisma City Slicker
Vänden Nevada
Birdy Sue Vom Lausitzer Eck
VDH/KFT 24/0045216
Vallange Sailor Jack
VDH/KFT 24/0036666
Vallange Conquistador
Vallange Starlet
Rebecca Vom Lausitzer Eck
VDH/KFT 24/0040771
Lucky Star's Wait And See
Lucky Star's Zeline
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0 %

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