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CAC : 8. Nationale Ausstellung Neunkirchen        05.06.2017 

Organizer : VDH LV Saar

Event Venue : Neunkirchen, Messegelände NVG 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Ms. Ludmilla Tchistiakowa, (RU) Russland 



Veteran class

Veteran class

Pl.1 VetCAC VetVDH Alyssa Aus Grisus Höhle *07.03.2009

Sire: Bodyguard's Love Peron All The Time

Dam: Bodyguard's She's The One Of My Heart

Junior class

Junior class


Title of day : Best Junior, BIG

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH White Bandits' Lollipop *27.06.2016

Sire: Shining Star Superbia

Dam: White Bandits' Chilly Pepper

Bre.a.Own.: Gabi & Jessica Maul

Intermediate class

Title of day : BOS

Exc.1 CAC VDH Balmoral's Brooklet Bardale *02.10.2015

Sire: Lucky Star's Ivanhoe

Dam: Balmoral's Brooklet Summerblush

Intermediate class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Larissa Aus Grisus Höhle *29.08.2015

Sire: Dream Story It's My Life

Dam: Damaris Aus Grisus Höhle

Exc.2 RVDH Nightingales Night Flight Of White Destiny *05.07.2015

Sire: Superhero De New Gryffindor

Dam: I'm The Right One Of White Destiny

Own.: Petra Bazant

Champion class

Champion class

VG1 Dream Story Girl For Me *16.11.2011

Sire: Dream Story Chepsy

Dam: Dream Story Everlasting Love

Open class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Harry Potter Aus Grisus Höhle *02.09.2014

Sire: Maestro From Aelberts Hill

Dam: Damaris Aus Grisus Höhle

Exc.2 RVDH Dream Story Little Shining Star *01.05.2015

Sire: Shining Star Superbia

Dam: Dream Story Everlasting Love

VG3 Voice Of My Heart Spotty Of White Lions *24.07.2012

Sire: Bodyguard's Special Touch Of Bourbon

Dam: Young Angel White Lion Of Golden Nuggets

Open class

Exc.1 CAC VDH Ice Crystal Lillifee Aus Grisus Höhle *11.09.2014

Sire: Karamynd Guns With Roses

Dam: Alyssa Aus Grisus Höhle

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