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CAC : Paarener Terrier Spezial Show        11.07.2015 

Organizer : OG Berlin 7

Event Venue : Paaren / Glien 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Mr. Piotr Krol, (PL) Polen 



Junior class

Junior class


Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Lucky Star's Summer Hope *05.02.2014

Sire: Lucky Star's Ivanhoe

Dam: Lucky Star's Wishing Well

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Mylin Vom Schloß Schwülper *06.03.2014

Sire: San Diego Vom Schloß Schwülper

Dam: Dayna Vom Schloß Schwülper

Exc.3 Bogarhazi Coco Chanel No 2 *12.05.2014

Sire: Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper

Dam: Glencoe's I'm On Fire

VG4 Felicitas Angels From Celler Castle *11.06.2014

Sire: Sometimes Super Cool

Dam: Bunny Angels From Celler Castle

Intermediate class

Exc.1 VDH Caitlin's Aragon From The House Of Chikung *13.12.2013

Sire: Boni Vom Plater Land

Dam: Danskots Caitlin

Intermediate class

Exc.1 CAC VDH Nova Sol Von Sir Malcolms Erben *25.12.2013

Sire: Lucky Star's Ivanhoe

Dam: Wolke Von Sir Malcolms Erben

Champion class

Exc.1 CAC VDH Boni Vom Plater Land *01.07.2009

Sire: Vuiton Of Bornie's Best

Dam: Emma V.d. Friedens Eiche

Champion class

Open class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Skyfall Superbia *14.02.2013

Sire: Al'fred Playing For White Gallardo

Dam: Sweet Miracle Superbia

Open class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Hazel Vom Schloß Schwülper *17.11.2009

Sire: S. Master Scot Of Gloryland

Dam: Issy Vom Schloß Schwülper

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