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CAC : 4. Nationale Rassehundeausstellung        14.11.2015 

Organizer : LV Baden-Württemberg 

Event Venue : Karlsruhe, Messe 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Christine Rossier, (CH) Schweiz 



Veteran class

Veteran class

Pl.1 VetCAC VetVDH Leda Lesley Lady Of Beacon Hill Treasure

Sire: Master Pepper Of Gloryland

Dam: Helvetia Of Marzipan

Pl.2 Bodyguard's She's The One Of My Heart *30.11.2006

Sire: Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

Dam: Bodyguard's Sweet Cold Ice-Cream

Junior class

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH White Bandits' I'm A Rising Star *18.01.2015

Sire: Shining Star Superbia

Dam: White Bandits' Chilly Pepper

Bre.a.Own.: Gabi & Jessica Maul

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH White Headline's Pierre Richard *11.02.2015

Sire: Keen Expression One Man Show

Dam: White Headline's Wishful Dream

Junior class

Title of day : Best Junior

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Valentina Happy Naux *25.07.2014

Sire: Charosmack Cool Days

Dam: Butterfly Happy Naux

Own.: Susanne Barta
Bre.: Natasa Uxova

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Jamie Vom Schloß Schwülper *15.06.2014

Sire: Joschoa Vom Schloß Schwülper

Dam: Tracy Vom Schloß Schwülper

Exc.3 True Avadore Sunshine Celebration *21.05.2014

Sire: Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

Dam: Jasmine Happy Naux

Own.: Claudia Winkelkötter

Exc.4 Ice Crystal Lillifee Aus Grisus Höhle *11.09.2014

Sire: Karamynd Guns With Roses

Dam: Alyssa Aus Grisus Höhle

Exc. Sparkling Champagne On Ice *29.01.2015

Sire: Can't Believe It Secret Of Love

Dam: Sparkling Shine A Light

VG Aimee Of Fame Vom Birkensee *14.01.2015

Sire: Walknonair Mister Rozamie

Dam: Sweet Serena Of Fame Vom Birkensee

VG Roxette Karins Blataj *14.01.2015

Sire: Showman From Superbia

Dam: Kaylenn Blataj

Intermediate class

Exc.1 VDH Qua Di Jo Des Pinfols *23.02.2014

Sire: Charosmack Cool Days

Dam: Idem Des Pinfols

Intermediate class


Exc.1 CAC VDH Very Happy Jil Of White Avalanche *28.01.2014

Sire: Ken Happy Naux

Dam: Josephine Happy Naux

Bre.a.Own.: Susanne Barta

Exc.2 RVDH Bright'n Breezy Von Bayern *26.03.2014

Sire: Leonhard's Time Traxx

Dam: White Sunshine Janine Von Bayern

Champion class

Exc.1 CAC VDH White Miracle Of Switzerland Living Legend *01.05.2013

Sire: White Miracle Of Switzerland Mr. Mister

Dam: White Miracle Of Switzerland First Choice

Exc.2 RVDH Dream Story It's My Life *14.12.2013

Sire: Unique Comme Sam Du Mat Des Oyates

Dam: Dream Story Forever From Days To Days

Champion class

Exc.1 VDH Dream Story Girl For Me *16.11.2011

Sire: Dream Story Chepsy

Dam: Dream Story Everlasting Love

Exc.2 RVDH Keira Happy Naux *02.01.2011

Sire: Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor

Dam: Butterfly Happy Naux

Bre.a.Own.: Natasa Uxova

Open class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH George Vom Schloß Schwülper *05.06.2013

Sire: San Diego Vom Schloß Schwülper

Dam: Sally Vom Schloß Schwülper

Open class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH Sissy Happy Naux *10.07.2013

Sire: Spirit Of Mine Sunshine Celebration

Dam: Butterfly Happy Naux

Bre.a.Own.: Natasa Uxova

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