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CACIB : 10. Internationale Rassehundeausstellung        08.09.2013 

Organizer : VDH-Landesverband Meklenburg Vorpommern

Event Venue : Rostock-Schmarl 

Country : (D) Deutschland 

Judge Show : Herr Dr. Wilfried Peper, (D) Deutschland 



Veteran class

Veteran class

Exc.1 VetCAC VetVDH Issy Vom Schloß Schwülper

Sire: Jason Vom Schloß Schwülper

Dam: Peggy Sue Vom Schloß Schwülper

Junior class


Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Leonhard's Cotton Eye Joe *01.11.2012

Sire: Charosmack Cool Days

Dam: Leonhard's Lolita

Exc.2 RJCAC RJVDH Tails Up Touche *05.05.2012

Sire: Bazetts Gordon

Dam: Tails Up Voila

Exc.3 X-Tra Fly By Knight Of White Castle *07.08.2012

Sire: Hopeful F'sunshine Of White Castle

Dam: Queeny Weeny Of White Castle

VG4 Love Affair With Lady World *10.10.2012

Sire: Al'fred Playing For White Gallardo

Dam: Alita Awelp

Junior class

Exc.1 JCAC JVDH Leonhard's Coolleen *01.11.2012

Sire: Charosmack Cool Days

Dam: Leonhard's Lolita

VG2 Wynne Wildcat Of White Lions *05.12.2012

Sire: Bodyguard's Love Peron All The Time

Dam: Noble Lady Lion Of White Castle

Intermediate class

Exc.1 RCAC VDH RCACIB Lucky Star's Ivanhoe *03.11.2011

Sire: Avlingen's Tito

Dam: Lucky Star's Chayenne

Intermediate class

Exc.1 VDH Florentine Von Charleville *29.09.2011

Sire: Zacharie Von Charleville

Dam: Rastelle Von Charleville

Champion class

Exc.1 CAC VDH CACIB Sugar Vom Schloß Schwülper *22.09.2010

Sire: S. Master Scot Of Gloryland

Dam: Tracy Vom Schloß Schwülper

Exc.2 RVDH Boni Vom Plater Land *01.07.2009

Sire: Vuiton Of Bornie's Best

Dam: Emma V.d. Friedens Eiche

Exc.3 Gajusz Juliusz Cesar From Vixan *02.04.2011

Sire: Karamynd Goes To Star West

Dam: Anabell Vixan

Champion class

Open class

Exc.1 VDH Precious-Boy Von Den Hebriden *27.01.2012

Sire: Lucky Star's Royal Rover

Dam: Over The Moon Von Den Hebriden

Exc.2 RVDH Bogarhazi Immagination *09.02.2011

Sire: Alborada Poseidon Ii

Dam: Obsession Of Bogarhazi

Open class

Exc.1 CAC VDH CACIB White Elephant Spring Fever *21.01.2007

Sire: Leonhard's Lucky Boy

Dam: White Elephant Vanilla Sky

Exc.2 RCAC RVDH RCACIB General's Hot Snow White *15.05.2011

Sire: Starring Vladimir

Dam: General's Hot Temptation

Exc.3 Surprise Westie Fortunella *10.09.2013

Sire: Rolling Dancer Of Surprise

Dam: Peaches And Cream Of Surprise

Exc.4 Lucky Star's Greta Garbo *08.04.2011

Sire: Avlingen's Tito

Dam: Lucky Star's True Love

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