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Rob Roy Of Rainbow Palace

Rob Roy Of Rainbow Palace     Male    * 26.10.2018

Pedigree NR: VDH/KFT 24/0055832
Patella Grad - 0
CMO Grad - 0
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Test results documented

breeder: Angelika & Gerd Sparding, Of Rainbow Palace

Catch The Spirit Of Morningsky
VDH/KFT 24/0052945

Catch The Spirit Of Morningsky
The Dashing Devil's Touch Down
VDH/KFT 24/0053984Ü (NHSB2908021)
Surprise Westie Firecracker
NHSB 2859366 (MET.WHWT. 4468/11)
Rolling Dancer Of Surprise
MET.Whwt.3876/9 (JR 73237WT)
Rolling Rock Of Surprise
Pirouette Of Surprise
Peaches And Cream Of Surprise
MET.WHWT 2658/07
Ace Of Diamonds Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Puzzle Of Surprise
The Dashing Devil's Tinkerbell
*01.02.2010 NHSB 2781086
Bellevue Spirit Catcher
*21.07.2006 NHSB 2742289
Bellevue Careless Spirit
Holly Munday From Asheridgelee
The Dashing Devil's Snapshot
*28.12.2004 NHSB 2539626
Kergilliack Konstantine By Ashgate
Wesscots Encore
Walk Of Fame Of Morningsky
VDH/KFT 24/0050795
Tampa Bay Sunshine Celebration
VDH/KFT 24/0049748
Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
*14.05.2003 SPKP 1043/04
Paul Hochons Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Ni Vue Ni Connue Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Coconut Sunshine Celebration
*17.01.2004 SPKP 1068/05
Vallange Sailor Jack
Ulrika Tresnovy Kvet
Sweet Emotion Of Morningsky
VDH/KFT 24/0046816
Storm Rising Of Morningsky
VDH/KFT 24/0042810
Smart Mover Of Morningsky
Thunderware Of Morningsky
Just A Babe Of Morningsky
VDH/KFT 24/0043445
Smart Mover Of Morningsky
Flower Power Of Morningsky
Snow Princess Od Bobika
*28.11.2016 PL-0 CMO-1 DNA
VDH/KFT 24/0055306Ü (PKR.III-81217)

Snow Princess Od Bobika
Alborada Keyser
LOE 2190386, LV-508/14
Alborada Kiran
*12.11.2006 LOE 1695104
Alborada Tolstoi
*21.12.2001 LOE 1301992
Alborada Gran Senor
Alborada Karenina
Alborada Finesse
*30.04.2003 LOE 1390942
Alborada Harold
Alborada Glamour
Alborada Kadesh
*04.08.2011 LOE 2049160
Alborada Henrich
*24.12.2007 LOE 1769861
Alborada No Va Mas
Alborada Muneira
Alborada Cleta
*20.01.2008 LOE 1800903
Alborada Caballero
Alborada Channel
Let's Go The Top Od Bobika
*14.08.2013 PKR.III-74149
Easy-Going Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
SPKP/1334 (LOF 58291)
Casanova Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Alborada Digimon
Topkapi Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Tittle-Tattle Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
*26.06.2002 LOF 40110/8399
Paul Hochons Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Pas Ce Soir Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Zetta-Lilly Od Bobika
*08.02.2009 PKR.III-63
Coby Victis
*15.03.2005 PKR.III-55680
Alborada Lusitano
Calypso Victis
Lavititita Od Bobika
*10.01.2006 PKR.III-58304
Tweed Talk Of The Town
Yentl Victis
Inbreeding too Paul Hochons Du Moulin De Mac Gregor mit 0.2 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0.2 %

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