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Clan Crinan     Male    * 09.09.1983

Pedigree NR: KCSB 4305BT
IK: 0.2441 %
AVK: 84.92 %
Generationen: 6

Morenish Just William
Tweed Tartan Caledonier
*13.04.1973 KCSB 2803BM
Tweed ToryQuakertown QuickmarchAlpin Of Kendrum
Quakertown Queen
Tweed This Is ItTweed Tavern
Sollershott So Sweet
Tweed Tartan Maid
Whinkirk Woodsman
*19.02.1965 S5285/68
Sollershott Soloist
Whinkirk Wanda
Tweed ThistleMac Mahons Motto
Sollershott So Sweet
Morenish Fanny Macdougal
*11.03.1974 KCSB 2964BJ
Checkbar Finlay Macdougal
*30.08.1971 KCSB 2377BH
Checkbar Donsie Kythe
*23.11.1967 KCSB 0190BD
Parkendcot Bobby Dazzler
Checkbar Remony Rye
Happy Sheila BelleBroomheather Marksman
Brox Sundae
Morenish Janie AlisonAlpinegay Sonata
Warberry Satellite
Warberry Wide-Awake
Morenish JaneAlpin Of Kendrum
Eriskay Sweet Alison
Crinan Celtic Ayre
*17.03.1980 KCSB 2550BT
Famecheck Speciality
*01.01.1978 KCR C5602902D10
Famecheck Extra Special
*17.12.1976 KCSB 2790BM
Famecheck Royal Binge
KCR A88620B6
Famecheck Royal Perogative
VDH/KFT 24/0002279
Famecheck Bingo
VDH/KFT 24/0002148
Famecheck Special Order
VDH/KFT 24/0002918
Famecheck Firm Favourite
Famecheck Maid To Order
Famecheck Gay Manner
VDH/KFT 24/0002686
Famecheck Gay Gordon
*28.02.1972 KCSB 2636BJ
Famecheck Domino
Famecheck Busybody
*07.11.1970 KCSB 2541BF
Famecheck Royal Manner Of Greenveld
Famecheck Royal Perogative
VDH/KFT 24/0002279
Famecheck Maid To Order
Crinan Christiana
Heath Of Backmuir
Sollershott Freshney Foy
Sollershott Sun-Up
Freshney Faggot
Highstile Pick Me UpWolvey Permit
Wolvey Phantasy
Candida Of Crinan
Selig Rustin Of Crinan
Pillerton Pip
Suriva Tina
Highstile Pixie
Quakertown Quireboy
Highstile Poppet

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