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Wesscots Liberty     Female    * 05.09.1988

Pedigree NR: KCR N6179302N04

Clan Crinan
*09.09.1983 KCSB 4305BT
Morenish Just William
Tweed Tartan Caledonier
*13.04.1973 KCSB 2803BM
Tweed ToryQuakertown Quickmarch
Tweed This Is It
Tweed Tartan Maid
Whinkirk Woodsman
Tweed Thistle
Morenish Fanny Macdougal
*11.03.1974 KCSB 2964BJ
Checkbar Finlay Macdougal
*30.08.1971 KCSB 2377BH
Checkbar Donsie Kythe
Happy Sheila Belle
Morenish Janie AlisonAlpinegay Sonata
Morenish Jane
Crinan Celtic Ayre
*17.03.1980 KCSB 2550BT
Famecheck Speciality
*01.01.1978 KCR C5602902D10
Famecheck Extra Special
*17.12.1976 KCSB 2790BM
Famecheck Royal Binge
Famecheck Special Order
Famecheck Gay Manner
VDH/KFT 24/0002686
Famecheck Gay Gordon
Famecheck Royal Manner Of Greenveld
Crinan Christiana
Heath Of Backmuir
Sollershott Freshney Foy
Highstile Pick Me Up
Candida Of Crinan
Selig Rustin Of Crinan
Highstile Pixie
Mulroy Magic Moment At Wesscots
*25.03.1986 KCR L2675204L02
Haweswalton Mr Volvo
*21.04.1979 KCS 2552BP
Domaroy Saracen
*24.01.1976 KCSB 0787BL
Tasman March Of Time
*21.09.1968 KCSB 2509BD
Highstile Prank
Pillerton Pollyann
Domaroy Erisort Serenade
*22.11.1973 KCSB 2535BJ
Highstile Pirate
Erisort Domaroy Debutante
Haweswalton Gay Spark
Cedarfell Merry-N-Bright
*14.02.1970 KCSB2200BF
Cedarfell Man-O-Minx
Cedarfell Minuet
Haweswalton Veiled Venus
Famecheck Cardsharper
Kingsmere Katie
Sarmac Silver MaidSarmac Big Snob
*23.11.1977 KCSB 2880BP
Domaroy Saracen
*24.01.1976 KCSB 0787BL
Tasman March Of Time
Domaroy Erisort Serenade
Sarmac Silver Sequin
*24.04.1976 KCSB 3455BP
Lindenhall Drambuie
Ardenrun Palma
Silver Lady Of Sarmac
Ardenrun Merryman Of Sarmac
*10.08.1975 KCSB 1501BL
Sarmac Heathstream Drummer Boy
Ardenrun Northern Light
Spindrift Of RidgewayCedarfell Merry-N-Bright
Nozomi Lady
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0 %

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