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Leonhard's Lucky Love     Female    * 19.03.1996

Pedigree NR: VDH/KFT 24/0027803

Wesscots Hell Of A Knight
VDH/KFT 24/0025270
Wesscots Knight In Arms
*19.03.1992 KCSB 0704CD
Wesscots Knight F'lovin
*05.08.1990 KCR Q4392703Q03
Trewen Discovery
ZZ8401450 (KCSB 4441BZ)
Ashgate Alistair Of Trewen
Peter Starlet Of Trewen
Wesscots Liberty
*05.09.1988 KCR N6179302N04
Clan Crinan
Mulroy Magic Moment At Wesscots
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
*28.09.1988 KCR N6565903P01
Olac Moon Pilot
*16.03.1986 KCSB 373BW
Olac Moonmaverick
Olac Wintermoon
Ashgate Sheigra
LOE 401318 (KCSB 4939BV)
Ashgate Culnacraig
Ashgate Skara
Zinos Sweet Charity
*25.06.1990 KCR Q4391302Q04
Ashgate Lenzie
VDH/KFT 24/0017777
Ashgate Leckie
*12.05.1986 KCSB 4610BW
Ashgate Achnasheen
Ashgate Sheigra
Ashgate Donna
*09.08.1982 KCSB 3994BU
Erisort Senator Of Ashgate
Ashgate Ailsa Craig
Ashgate Ayr Ayr
*13.11.1986 KCSB 3275BX
Ashgate Achnasheen
*17.12.1983 KCSB 2565BU
Ashgate Auchenleck
Haweswalton Gemma Of Ashgate
Ashgate Ayr
*09.06.1985 KCR K4347501K10
Ashgate Rhum
Ashgate Ailsa Craig
Sonderdalen's Jessica
VDH/KFT 24/0015283
Smash I'm Sparkling
*27.01.1982 SKK S21618/82
Lasara Light Feet
SKK S12930/82
Lasara Lots Of Fun
*17.10.1973 KCSB 0391BL
Lasara Lincoln
Famecheck Corinne Of Lasara
Lasara Luv
KCR 298/75
Pillerton Perry
Lasara Lief
Playings The Chorus Girl
*22.04.1979 SKK S38502/79
Tweed Thistle Bagpiper
*31.03.1975 SKK S27913/75
Birkfell Sea Squall
Birkfell Soliloquy
Incheril I've Arrived
*25.12.1977 SKK S55817/78
Checkbar Finlay Macdougal
Incheril Isadora
Sonderdalen's Jackielina
*16.01.1987 DKK 08076/87
Lasara Loves Fun
*12.03.1986 DKK 19441/86
Lasara Love-All
*08.09.1984 KCSB 833BV
Midshipman Of Haweswalton
Lasara Lucky Lot
Luv'n Fun At Lasara
*07.10.1983 KCSB 2519BU
Haweswalton Sportsman
Tollcross Merriment
Whiteclover Sandy
DKK 10965/84
Rotella Royal Standard
DKK10429/82 (KCSB 449BN)
Birkfell Sea Squall
Rotella Royal Penny
Whitestones Such Hurry
Cripsey Bush Ranger
Purston Perambulator
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 0 %

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