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Royalcounty Streetwise Guy     Male    * 16.11.2002

Krisma Streetwise
*20.01.1998 KCSB 1404CJ
Wesscots One Knight Stand
*05.08.1994 KCSB 3322CF
Wesscots Knight Ayr
*20.04.1993 KCR T3580901T03
Wesscots Knight F'dancin
VDH/KFT 24-0019028
Wesscots Royal Male
Chelsea Girl Of Leastar
Wesscots Liberty
*05.09.1988 KCR N6179302N04
Clan Crinan
Mulroy Magic Moment At Wesscots
Wesscots Honeymoon
*19.03.1992 KCR S1454004S02
Wesscots Knight F'lovin
*05.08.1990 KCR Q4392703Q03
Trewen Discovery
Wesscots Liberty
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
*28.09.1988 KCR N6565903P01
Olac Moon Pilot
Ashgate Sheigra
Krisma Keynote At Olac
Olac Moon Pilot
*16.03.1986 KCSB 373BW
Olac Moonmaverick
*30.08.1984 KCSB 1920BV
Arnholme Aces High
Halfmoon Of Olac
Olac Wintermoon
KCR F1326603F10
Famecheck Speciality
Suzanne So Sweet
Lasara Hell Of A Girl
*19.03.1988 KCSB 0829BY
Lasara Love-All
*08.09.1984 KCSB 833BV
Midshipman Of Haweswalton
Lasara Lucky Lot
Lasara 'l For Leather
*17.09.1985 KCSB 2326BW
Ballacoar Moffat Is Justrite
Lasara Leading Lady
Burneze Misteltoe Magic
Bournehaven Birthday Guy
*19.07.1995 KCSB 1666CH
Ashgate Bern Era
*23.10.1992 KCSB 3241CD
Ashgate Sinclair
*31.08.1990 KCSB 4628CA
Ashgate Lenzie
Ashgate Sallachy
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
*28.09.1988 KCR N6565903P01
Olac Moon Pilot
Ashgate Sheigra
Bellevue Ring Leader Of Bournehaven
*07.07.1993 KCR T4069702T03
Mac Hars Of Bellevue
*19.05.1989 KCSB 4070CA
Ashgate Fin Me Oot
Colpatin Maggie
Dellie Fure Of Bellevue
*16.03.1990 KCR Q2249305Q02
Ashgate Connel
Queen Oaks Pride
Lakamoni Imperial Lady At Burneze
Lakamoni Knight Imperial At Burneze
Rotella Knight Of The Realm
Hazlan Silver Knight Of Sarmac
Hemishor Cola Starlet Of Rotella
Silver Moon At Lakamoni
Sarmac Silver Dollar Of Alchez
Sheleba Moonshine
Lakamoni April LoveAlchez Ambsace At LakamoniLakamoni Wandering Minstrel At Alchez
Lowenzahn Atta Girl At Alchez
Alchez All The Ace's At Lakamoni
Rotella Shabby At Yulike
Beau Bewitched At Alchez
Inbreeding too Olac Moon Pilot mit 0.78 %
Inbreeding too Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass mit 0.78 %
Inbreeding coefficient in sum = 1.56 %

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