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Snedronningen's What A Girl     Female    * 08.05.2017

Pedigree NR: DK03771/2017

Born To Rule SuperbiaBocans Backin BusinessBogarhazi ZuckiniStraus Of SurpriseAce Of Diamonds Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Coco Chanel Of Surprise
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Bogarhazi Una
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Bellevue Honey Bee
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N'est Ce Pas Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
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Jubbly Bubbly Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Avra SuperbiaRob Du Moulin De Mac GregorN'gaston Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
Jubbly Bubbly Du Moulin De Mac Gregor
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Alyssa Urwiska Szkocji
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White Diamond O'La La Made In O'oh La La
White Diamond O'La La Tavaszi SzelBellevue Snap Happy To AshgateBellevue Trigger Happy
Bellevue Frill A Minute
White Diamond O'La La PiercingAshgate Aros
Ashgate O'La La
Snedronningen's ButterflyRavnegards CrackerjackKaramynd The Fortune TellerAriostea Pilgrim To Ashgate
Hopecharm Full Of Deelite At Karamynd
Ravnegards Shining JewelPansy Potter Von Tinsdal
Marshmallow's Miss O'malley
Snedronningen's SandraFleetwood Fun Fun FunDanskots Hokus Pokus
Majolika's Wendy
Snedronningen's CirkelineAshgate Knockando
Ravnegards Moonlight Candy

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