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Lady Rheanne Star Of Anne's Gang     Female    * 29.01.2017

Pedigree NR: VDH/KFT 24/0054744

Bodyguard's Special Touch Of BourbonKenneth Von Den HebridenGared's ColvinCanaston Start PointGlancleddau Turning Point
Westieland First Choice
Gared's Vision F'joyGared's Rough N'tumble
Wesscots Joybelle
Jump F'joy Von Den HebridenLeonhard's Lucky BoyLeonhard's Supertramp
Leonhard's Lucky Love
Dearest-Darleen Von Den HebridenWesscots Knight Moves
Unique Von Den Hebriden
Bodyguard's Sweet Cold Ice-CreamReady F'joystick's White FlameGrand Marnier Of Bornie's BestPansy Potter Von Tinsdal
Evita Of Bornie's Best
Honey Bee White PleasureFleetwood Full Of Magic
Hazel White Pleasure
Bodyguard's Sweet Hot ChocolateArmadale's Simply AgainAshgate Branxton
Armadale's Simply The Best
Bodyguard's Love Parade Of LoveGwyndorgy Lunar Lord At Vallange
Cilly Vom Brander Hof
Wynne Wildcat Of White LionsBodyguard's Love Peron All The TimeArmadale's Talk Of The TownAriostea Pilgrim To AshgateWikeland Connor
Ashgate Sonsie
Armadale's Simply SpecialAshgate Branxton
Armadale's Simply The Best
Bodyguard's Love Parade Of LoveGwyndorgy Lunar Lord At VallangeVallange Sailor Jack
Bouncing Bonnie Thistle
Cilly Vom Brander HofCroftburn Almost Persuaded
Gin-Tonic Just For Fun
Noble Lady Lion Of White CastleZebulon Vom ThummelsbachGeneral's Spark In The DarkGeneral's Say Never No
General's Hot Creation
Xenia Vom ThummelsbachGared's Colvin
Viona Vom Thummelsbach
Vera's Importend Puppy Of White CastleBodyguard's Boogie-Woogie-ManWestwhip High Profile Of Saredon
Cilly Vom Brander Hof
Queen Of My Heart Of White CastleRustically's Backstreet Boy
Dreamnight Magic Of White Castle

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